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Women as One develops projects which forward its mission of promoting talent in medicine.


Women as One aims to identify and match qualified women with related professional opportunities. This service takes a number of different forms including custom survey development, skills training opportunities, speaker identification, research participation and a lot more! We work with individuals and not for profit organizations for free. We also work with sponsors to develop tailored partner packages.

If you are a woman physician, the best way to make yourself known to us for these opportunities is by signing up in our Talent Directory. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss our Match Program opportunities!



High risk procedural training!
Global Ambassador and Chapter Programs!

Megan Coylewright, MD, MPH
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center


REQUEST: Dr. Coylewright contacted Women as One to gather names of qualified women to support program planning for the 2020 ACC and SCAI Conferences.

RESPONSE: Women as One developed a custom survey, received a 60% response rate from Talent Directory members and delivered results back to Dr. Coylewright within a week.

RESULT: Contacts and highly detailed qualifications of women were quickly made available for speaker placement at both meetings.


The application window for the 2020 escalator awards is now closed.

The inaugural Women as One Escalator Awards are an opportunity to escalate women as the next generation of leaders in cardiology! Open to all women cardiologists from any region of the world, applications will be accepted September 13 – December 6, 2019.

Award Benefits:

– Travel Stipend

– Speaking Opportunities

– Mentorship & Networking

– Research & Clinical Training

Multiple awards will be distributed around the world. All women cardiologists from training to 12 years out of training are eligible to apply!






Research shows that almost 40% of women physicians go part-time or leave medicine altogether within six years of completing their residencies. The reason? Family. Women as One is focused on improving the culture of medicine to normalize and standardize family planning, pregnancy, parental leave and return to work practices and policies.

This project entails a rolling set of activities aimed to educate, inspire and change the culture of cardiology to be more family friendly.



So I Married a Cardiologist


Women as One hosted a organized a discussion among cardiologist couples to explore how they balance their careers and home. The goal is to inspire discussion, leadership, and change in support of families in the medical field.


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The wage, total compensation and investment gaps are related. The key to closing them? Transparency and education across industries.

This project entails a rolling set of activities aimed to educate, inspire and arm women with the confidence they need to become financially empowered.

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Financial Empowerment


Women as One hosted a organized a discussion among early career cardiologists about money. The hope is to promote more transparency and dialogue about these topics in an effort to encourage financial literacy and confidence among women.


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  • 2019 ACC Health Policy Statement on Cardiology Compensation and Opportunity Equity READ MORE
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Women as One is developing capabilities through its Talent Directory to train and ID women investigators. We are also developing several demonstration projects to employ research through our global network.

Women As One aims to enrich the global talent pool in medicine through the development of unique professional opportunities for female physicians.

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